Tutor Qualifications

Tutor qualification is the last thing you need to worry about.

We have built up an unrivaled network of independent Chinese/Mandarin tutors that spans Shanghai and major cities in China. Every week we receive new applications from tutors to join our team, and only the best are included (about 20% of the applicants).

We don't make exceptions or compromises. Each tutor in ShanghaiTutors community goes through credentials verification (ID, diploma, certificates), resume evaluation, past students’ reference and finally an interview screening process and meets our criteria:

1 Have or pursuing a university degree
2 Fluent in standard Mandarin without regional accent
3 Good mastery of at least one foreign language
4 Knowledgeable about the Chinese language
5 Enthusiastic and skilled in teaching
6 Friendly and helpful

All tutors fall into three categories based on qualifications.

1. Category A: amateur teachers/novice teachers (minimal experience)
Only recommended for non-beginners looking for extra listening & spoken practice as a supplement to formal learning.

2. Category AA: certified teachers/professional teachers (minimum 1, average 2-5 years experience)
Recommended for general purposes: conversation, academics, exam preps, career & personal growth, business, etc

3. Category AAA: star teachers (experience in universities, international schools, corporate training, etc)
Recommended for: efficient learning & fast progress, business Chinese, industry-specific Chinese, group training.

You will find category in each tutor’s profile (marked as A, AA, AAA). The difference in their experience, qualifications, and popularity is reflected in tutoring rates. Most tutors fall under Category AA (most popular choice by our clients), but you can always choose tutor based on your needs and budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Who are the tutors?
We have a large network of Mandarin tutors with all kinds of backgrounds. They work as independent contractors. They can be professional Mandarin teachers from universities, international schools, Mandarin schools, freelancers, part-time tutors with regular jobs, college students, etc. Some of them offer private tutoring off work to supplement income, and some have shifted completely to freelancer tutors.

2- Do all tutors have certificates and experience?
Most tutors have either relevant certificates, education degrees or experience but this is not a must. We apply our own criteria and judgment. For instance, if you learn business Chinese, a smart part-time teacher with a degree or experience in finance could be a better fit than a full-time Mandarin teacher specializing in classic Chinese or literature.

3- What about the quality of lessons by private tutors VS Mandarin Schools?
Tutors in AA category are totally comparable to their counterparts in Mandarin schools (and often better!). Tutors in AAA category, on the other hand, far exceed average teachers from any Mandarin school. They are truly top trainers with considerable experience and a proven track record.

Many tutors at ShanghaiTutors also work part-time or full-time in Mandarin schools, and they are here to get more students like you to supplement income. You might bump into the same tutor if you opt for a private course at Mandarin schools, but you will end up paying 60%-200% more for the same lesson…so that they can pay the bills for ads, sales staff, rent, utilities, etc.

4- Can I change the tutor if I want?
Sure, you are welcome to start off with any tutor you desire and change at any time (free of charge & no limit in times). That said, we encourage every learner to talk with the tutor before taking lessons to ensure some sort of chemistry in the lesson, and stick with the tutor you are comfortable with.

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