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Lisa S-USA
I have just completed my first lesson under ShanghaiTutors auspices and can only rave about the way it works. From initial contact to the ease of meeting potential tutors, ShanghaiTutors has proven to be an exceptional experience for me. And as an experienced language learner, with years of background in learning Mandarin, that is saying quite a lot. ShanghaiTutors simplifies the process, provides access to potential tutors, handles the paperwork, and makes it all easy, efficient, and experientially rewarding.
Jacopo G-Italy
Having taken Chinese lessons in different school and been taught by many teachers in China, I would rate ShanghaiTutors very highly. They put a lot of thoughts, effort and into arranging the suitable tutor for me. The staff really understands the arrangement of lessons and what I expect to get out of them. Being able to negotiate the rates with the tutor saved me a lot of money too. I don't see there is a need to take lessons in a school anymore for the quality I got and money spent with Shanghaitutors. I recommend anyone reading these testimonials that might be interested to give it a try!
Janice P-USA
Thanks so much for introducing this fabulous teacher to me! Chen is very professional and knowledgeable! Due to your outstanding service and wonderful lessons, I'm sure we'll be contacting you when I am back in Shanghai and I'll totally tell all my friends about you. Thanks again, and I hope all you guys at the agency are doing well.
Vicent M & Cheryl M-France
We have been using ShanghaiTutors' services for a while now and they have been absolutely fabulous and extremely helpful to us. I find their teacher recommendations to be top notch and they suit all our requirements. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to find Mandarin tutors.
I have noticed a real improvement in my Mandarin since beginning lessons with Jenny. With individual lessons, mistakes are picked up and corrected. My lessons focus on grammar, normally with Jenny explaining a rule, checking I have understood it, and assigning homework. Jenny keeps a record of what I study and checks my homework every week. I have found flexibility of being able to arrange the lessons at a time that suits me, either at work or in the classroom, has meant that I have stuck with the classes and not skipped classes or found them boring like I have with some group classes.
Thanks again, Shanghaitutors!
Lucy Y-Hong Kong
My child is very excited to see the teacher. This indicates to me that she is doing a very well job. This is only the fourth lesson, but I am very pleased with her patience, being on time and being prepared. She teaches in a fun way, while keeping her on her toes. Thank you ShanghaiTutors.
Sue M-UK
Just got back to China after a long break... I particularly like the flexibility with the schedule (having classes on different days and deciding about the next class only a week in advance). Also having one class per week with a lot of work at home works really well for me as it saves a lot of money :-)
Pablo J-Mexico
ShanghaiTutors was definitely helpful. They found me a qualified tutor who was able to give tips about my business in China as well as about enhancing my Chinese skills in general. All this and more, carried out in a good, relaxing environment.
Sophie B-France
I want to send you a thank you note to for all your wonderful service. I really like the teacher you introduced. The lessons have been very well structured and progressing really well. The rates were very reasonable for the standard of teaching I received and I would 100% recommend your company to others.
Susanna H-Singapore
ShanghaiTutors impressed us because they were responsible and the tutor provided very tailored teaching. The tutors has helped and improved my Chinese. And the lessons are remarkably cheap too!
Laurence S-USA
I have had a couple of Mandarin teachers (on a one-to-one basis) before and have somehow never stuck with them for very long. I am proud to say that I have been learning from the tutor reccommended by Shanghaitutors for 6 months now and am still going strong! Congrats on Shanghaitutors, for doing a good job. I have recommended it to friends already!
Anthony C-Indonesia
A few months ago, I was looking for a Mandarin tutor for and googled tutoring services on the internet. Shanghai Tutors was listed. After contacting them, soon a tutor was introduced to me. After our first session, I was pleased with how well she worked with me and how affordable her services were. I am comfortable and enjoy tutoring sessions with her. I have friend who learn Chinese in some Mandarin schools in Shanghai, but their progress is not as good as me with my tutor, not to mention that they paid a lot more for private lessons. I would defenitely suggest anyone planning to learn Mandarin in Shanghai try Shanghaitutors!
Paul O-USA
Fantastic! I am glad that I chose Shanghaitutors over schools. My tutor is always professional and the pricing is amazing for what I got. Great in a pinch as well when needed tutoring on short notice.
Federica H-Germany
I was skeptical about hiring a tutor rather than taking a course in a school, but I constantly have to go on business trips, getting caught up in meetings and no school course could fit in my schedule, so we called Shanghaitutors. I was impressed with what they offered... Not only the rates are cheap, since I got to talk to the tutor directly to set the price, the quality of teaching was really up to par. The tutor had years of experience apparently for she works in a Mandarin school. I will recommend your services to all the people I know. I will sign up for more lessons next year. Thank you.
Joshua F-Australia
I wish every language teacher was like Teresa! Her love and passion for the language make every lesson extremely fun and exciting. What is more important, her experience and knowledge guarantee that I quickly understand even the most difficult aspects of Mandarin, and I can progress at my own pace, and since she is a very good teacher, I progress quickly enjoying every bit of my Mandarin education very much! I so appreciate your company's excellent service and shall recommend it to others.
David M-USA
Great job, Shanghai Tutors. You are filling a need in Shanghai--your tutors make house calls and your services are top-rate. I couldn't be happier with Nick's tutor. He was failing Mandarin in school and I knew I could never help him. He went from failing to passing with flying colors!
Jasmine B-UK
When it comes to Mandarin teachers, I have tried them all. I can honestly say that Shanghai Tutors is without a doubt the best service available! I have tried taking group lessons with Mandarin schools, independent students, language partners, and a couple of private tutors, no one has ever come close to the success that Shanghai Tutors has. I have recommended you to every friend that's learning Chinese that I know. There is no service anywhere that compares; I only wish I had discovered and started using you earlier!

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