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ShanghaiTutors.Com is the best portal to find private Chinese/Mandarin language tutors in Shanghai and major cities in China. Booking tutor is simple, fast and straightforward.

Choose tutor among three categories based on qualifications: amateur/novice tutors, certified/professional tutors and star tutors. Compare profiles, rates, reviews and credentials of tutors and check their availability by timetable. Select the best fit.

Step 2. BOOK
Book through If you cannot decide on your best fit on our website, contact us for our recommendations. We have many more great tutors that don't like online presence, therefore not listed publicly on the website.

Within a maximum of 48 hours (if we receive your request during office hours), we will put you in touch with the tutor. Discuss and fix tutoring details with the tutor over the phone or in person. Pay a one-time service fee with full tuition fee, based on total booking hours, upfront to start learning. (no charge will occur until the point you start lessons)

The tutor will prepare lessons according to your requirements and give lessons. You are guaranteed one-year continuous support from us. If something goes wrong with tutoring during the year, you are welcome to change tutor free of charge, no limit in times. If you shorten the tutoring hours or stop learning permanently, tuition fees associated with remaining hours will be refunded for any reason, as long as you notify us. Write a review for the tutor and our service.

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