Unbeatable Price

It's known to all that Mandarin schools charge 150-250rmb per hour (or more likely, per 45-50 minutes) for 1-1 lesson, but teachers take home just 30-40% on average! Why pay more to schools if you only need a tutor?

Now save up to 70% on tutor's rate with ShanghaiTutors! We make it ridiculously easy for you to find great tutors at lower prices. Most of our tutors charge between 100-120rmb/hour (60 full minutes).

How does this happen?
-With an effective internet-based tutor booking platform, we keep offline in-office work at minimum level. We do not have heavy cost on school rent, utilities and staff, like any schools do. We pass the savings on to you.
-Our business is built on word of mouth. We have helped thousands of students find the support they need and they are more than happy to spread the word. We do not advertise on Google, Facebook, magazines, flyers... Again we pass the savings on to you.
-We let tutors set the rate. Better yet, we let you discuss it!

Check and compare standard rates in tutors' profiles for reference, and discuss the exact tutoring rates and details with the tutor you request on meet. While the final rate is a matter of negotiation between you and the tutor, below is the average rate range for your reference(on private 1-1 basis). Difference in experience, qualifications and popularity is reflected in difference in tutoring rates.

Tutor Type Category A Category AA Category AAA
Hourly Rates 70-90rmb 100-120rmb 130-170rmb

Category A: novice teachers/part-time teachers (0-1 year experience)
Category AA: certified teachers/professional teachers(minimim 1, average 2-5 years experience)
Category AAA: star teachers (top teachers with experience in universities, international schools, corporate trainings, etc.)

Comparison with Mandarin Schools

Yes, indeed there are lots of Mandarin schools in Shanghai. Unfortunately most target high-end corporate clients and charge exorbitant prices. For 1-1 lesson, the hourly charge (45-50 minutes) averages between 150-250rmb. If you take private course with a school, a significant amount of your tuition goes to cover their high expenses spent on marketing, sales, advertisements on internet, paper, magazines as well as staff, rent, utilities, etc.

On the other hand, pay for school teachers is universally low. As a matter of fact, 90% of the teachers working in Mandarin schools are hired part-time, many of whom work for different schools at the same time to keep enough students. You might end up with the same teacher eventually via ShanghaiTutors.Com or Mandarin schools, but you will most likely pay 60%-200% more if you choose schools.

Check below chart to compare tutoring rates at ShanghaiTutors.Com and Mandarin schools (on private 1-1 basis). Note that almost all schools charge at these prices for a 45 minute or 50 minute lesson, while a lesson via ShanghaiTutors is always 60 full minutes.

ShanghaiTutors average 100-120rmb (60 minutes)
Mandarin House 239rmb (50 minutes)
iMandarin 200rmb (45 minutes)
MandarinRocks 180rmb (50 minutes)
Miracle Mandarin 170rmb (45 minutes)
That's Mandarin 250rmb (50 minutes)
Easy Mandarin 195rmb (50 minutes)
Collabo Learning 150rmb (60 minutes)
Mandarin Garden 180rmb (45 minutes)
Mandarin City 145rmb (45 minutes)
Mandarin Inn 160rmb (45 minutes)
Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why the tutoring rates via ShanghaiTutors.com are much lower than Mandarin schools?
The tutoring rates shown on ShanghaiTutors.com are set by tutors, meeting their pay expectation and conforming to market reality. If you take private course with a school, a significant amount of your tuition goes to cover their high expenses spent on marketing, sales, advertisements on internet, paper, magazines as well as staff, rent, utilities, etc. The actual pay for teachers is only a small percentage of your tuition (normally 30-40%).

2- Is it possible to have tutoring at even lower rates? Like 60rmb/hour?
No, the lowest rate is 70rmb/hour, set by novice/part-time tutors with minimal experience. 100-120rmb/hour is considered norm for a serious Mandarin tutor. You may push your luck finding cheaper tutors yourself from classified ads, but be alert, “private tutors” charging significantly lower than market price must be either not qualified at all (you will waste time and money and lose faith in learning Mandarin if you have a bad tutor, for Chinese is among worlds’ most difficult languages, meaning teaching it requires skills) or have a different/weird purpose (practice English; show off they have a foreign friend; find a foreign spouse to immigrate‚Ķ). Don’t forget, even a house cleaner gets paid 40-60rmb/hour nowadays, and they might be...illiterate.

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