Looking for a private tutoring solution that won’t break the bank?

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1-1 Mandarin tutoring used to be costly. You had to pay 180-250rmb "hourly" rate for a 45-50 minute lesson with Mandarin schools - they are universally set for high-end corporate clients.

It is NO longer the case with us. ShanghaiTutors.Com brings tremendous savings to you. We have made it ridiculously easy for you to find great tutors at lower prices without compromising on quality. You will save 50%-70% using our service compared with school offers of equivalent quality. (find out how we make it happen)


Tuition fee based on total booking hours plus a small one-time service fee make up overall cost. Your tuition fee is guaranteed refundable for any reason as long as you notify us. (find out Money Back Guarantee)


All tutors fall into three categories based on qualifications (marked as A, AA, AAA). Different tutoring rates reflect their difference in experience, qualifications and popularity. Check standard rates in their profiles for reference and select your best fit.

Final rate is a matter of negotiation between you and tutor. It might vary according to tutor's popularity, commuting distance, time and frequency of lessons (usually within ± 20% range).

Below is the average rate range for your reference. For 2 to 3 students taking lessons together, the rates may rise by 30% to 60%. It’s worth pointing out that while almost all Mandarin schools charge an "hourly" rate for a 45-50 minute lesson, an hour is always an hour - 60 full minutes at ShanghaiTutors. (find out how your time is stolen by schools)

Tutor Type A AA AAA
Hourly Rates 80-100rmb 110-140rmb 150-180rmb

1. Category A: novice teachers/part-time teachers (0-1 year experience)
Recommended for: learning for fun & hobby, daily conversation, spoken practice. Supplement to formal school learning.

2. Category AA: certified teachers/professional teachers (minimum 1, average 2-5 years experience)
Recommended for: learning for career & personal growth, academics, exam preps. Alternative to formal school learning.

3. Category AAA: star teachers (top trainers with experience in universities, international schools, corporate trainings, etc)
Recommended for: fast & efficient learning, group or corporate training, business Chinese, Chinese on specific subjects.

Most tutors fall under Category AA (most popular choice by our clients), charging between 110-140rmb/hour (1-1). Note minimum 40 tutoring hours are required for us to handle any booking.


400rmb for 1-1 private tutoring regardless of length. This fee is charged one-time only for successful referral of tutor and is to be paid along with tuition fee upfront before tutoring.

The small service fee helps us maintain operation of this site, offline office work and guarantees you one year continuous support from us. If something goes wrong with tutoring during the year (e.g. conflict of schedule, decrease in lesson quality, or you simply want a change), we will change tutor for you free of charge with no limit in times (tutoring rates need to be discussed and confirmed with new tutor). The service fee also validates Money Back Guarantee, ensuring your tuition fee is refundable for any reason. With this financial support from you, we are able to provide the best possible experience to you and our clients.

If you study in a group, there will be 200rmb surcharge on service fee for each additional student studying in the group. For big group and corporate bookings, service fee varies; please consult to confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is it free to make booking on ShanghaiTutors.Com? Can I meet tutor in advance?
It’s absolutely free to make booking on our site and to meet tutor for discussion before committing yourself to any lesson. We will recommend a neutral place in downtown that’s convenient for both of you to meet up, or you can discuss and fix details over phone or through WeChat. (If you want to have the meeting arranged in your place instead of a neutral location, we'll charge 50rmb if you are located within inner ring of Shanghai, or 100rmb outside inner ring.)

2- When and how much should I pay?
400rmb one-time service fee and full tuition fee (based on your total booking hours) is to be paid upfront, before the first lesson, once you decide to go with the tutor. E.g. if you book 40 hours tutoring at 120rmb/hour, the total fee will be 5200rmb (400rmb service fee + 4800rmb tuition fee). If you study in a group, there will be 200rmb surcharge on service fee for each additional student studying in the group. Textbook, if used, is to be paid separately at its actual price.

3- Can I pay tutor directly, by week or month based on actual taught hours instead?
Sorry, but no. We need to eliminate potential problems for everyone.
1. For tutor
There is no guarantee for tutors to get properly and timely paid in case learners delay payment or conflicts arise over calculating hours taught.
2. For learner
There is no guarantee of your money back and continuity of lessons in case tutors refuse to make refund for odd reasons when you want to pull out, or quit right after getting first week’s payment from you.
3. For us
As a liaison agency, we cannot bear responsibility if learners and tutors have conflict over money issues, but it still takes time and efforts for us to help you if such situation occurs. To avoid these potential problems, full tuition fee is to be paid to us upfront and we will transfer your payment to tutor based on number of hours taught each month on your behalf, so that you can focus on learning. If you decide to shorten the instruction hours, it’s guaranteed that prepaid tuition fee will be refunded proportionately. (read Money Back Guarantee)

4- What payment methods are accepted?
Payments should be made in CASH in RMB, Alipay or bank transfer (only RMB transfer within China). Credit cards are NOT accepted.

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