About us

ShanghaiTutors was launched in 2012, with the simple idea to offer family friends assistance in promoting their tutoring services and acquiring new students.

It became more successful than we thought back then. Every week we receive new emails from tutors requesting to join our team, and of course, every week we help inspired learners like you find the ideal tutor they need. So far, ShanghaiTutors has helped over 2,500 people learn Mandarin-and counting.

Today, we have an unrivaled network of Mandarin tutors in Shanghai. We have worked with individual learners as well as large corporations and now our service is reaching out to other big cities in China, namely Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Suzhou.

There is no magic. Liaison between learners and tutors is not always easy, but we always work hard to make it easier for you. From the user-friendly design of our website, rigid interview screening process for selecting tutors, to our fast, helpful support team, we do all we can to deliver the best possible experience to you, as our client and learner of our mother tongue.

Honestly, Mandarin is not an easy language to learn. For that, we are greatly inspired by the determination and passion we see in our clients' eyes. We are a small company but dream big. We wish to grow by helping more people like you and grow together with you.

After all, all greatness comes from a brave start.

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