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Shen Mo (Vivian Shen)“8 years experience of teaching executives and professionals" AAA | Code: 1704
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“Fantastic! She is the best Mandarin tutor I have ever had and I have been learning the language for many years. She has extensive knowledge and made my lessons interesting and rewarding. I will certainly be booking more lessons with her.”

  Greg M, USA 
Age: 26-35 Residence: Yangpu, Shanghai Special Features:
Education: University Major: English have 8 years experience of teaching executives and professionals
Degree: Bachelor Profession: Mandarin teacher
Languages: Chinese, English Certificates: Teacher Certificate
Experience: 8+ years Avg. Hourly Rate: 190rmb
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My name is Annie Shen. I have an innate enthusiasm and love for language and culture. I started teaching business and general Chinese mandarin early in 2010 and have been warmly welcomed and highly appreciated since then. During the time when I worked in foreign-owned companies, I had been doing Chinese teaching almost at all of my off hours including weekends. I had also been an editor (Chinese & English) for years. My main job duties at that time were to edit the English-Chinese, Chinese-English accounting and business dictionaries and some textbooks in Chinese & English version. I have taught business Chinese to executives and professionals both in speaking and writing on a one-to-one basis and in group class (corporate training and individual instruction) as full-time work on my own later. In addition, special training in Chinese teaching I earlier received from East China Normal University, Taiwan Language Institute and HongKong Baptist College & China Daily International Language College. My students have been business executives, professionals, travelers and students who come from different countries over the world.

I have 8 years experience in teaching. I understand about students’ language learning needs and goals. Instruction is given in the target language as possible but also cared about adapting to the learners’ learning preferences. New language is always presented in context of real-life situations, with extra-targeted practice of grammar, structure or vocabulary etc., where the focus is on motivating students to actively participate in the learning process and practical use of the target language and communication. Praising, encouraging and supporting learners in their efforts to learn and communicate based on different levels and interests.


You pay tuition based on how many hours you book (minimum 40 at a time) plus a fixed one-time service fee.

Students No. 1 student 2 students 3 students 4 students
40 Hour Tuition (approx.) 7600rmb +30% +60% +100%
+ Hours (approx.) 190rmb +30% +60% +100%
One-time Sevice Fee 400rmb 600rmb 800rmb 1000rmb

You don't pay anything unless you find a good fit!

1. The above rates are based on 2+ hours of teaching per time. If you study ﹤2 hours per time, expect a 25%-50% raise in rates or consider on-line tutoring.
2. Final prices might vary according to the tutor's popularity, commuting distance, time and frequency of lessons (within ± 20% range). Confirmation shall be given after booking.
3. If you prefer to study in a group instead of 1-1, you need to find other students and form the group on your own.
One-time Service Fee:
400rmb for 1-1 private tuition regardless of tutoring length. If you study in a group, there will be a 200rmb surcharge on service fee for each additional student studying in the group. Textbook, if used, is to be paid separately by the actual price of the book. What service do I get?
Min. Hours:
Minimum 40 tutoring hours are required for us to process any booking.

The tutor is available on above tentative schedule. Confirmation shall be given after booking.
Shen Mo (Vivian Shen)
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Code: 1704
Reviews on Shen Mo (Vivian Shen) | Code: 1704
Hans J-Germany

Shen Mo was a great teacher, I used her for 80 hours touring. She organized lessons efficiently, and helped me work on reading and writing. She's an interesting woman, having extensive experience.

Greg M-USA

Fantastic! She is the best Mandarin tutor I have ever had and I have been learning the language for many years. She has extensive knowledge and made my lessons interesting and rewarding. I will certainly be booking more lessons with her.