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Zhou Zhonglan (Lily Zhou)“teach in international school!" AAA | Code: 1700
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“A fantastic Mandarin teacher, I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is very thorough and has taught me to comprehend grammar to a level beyond my expectations. She teaches with clarity and precision that has allowed me... ”

  David S, USA 
Age: 26-35 Residence: Putuo, Shanghai Special Features:
Education: University Major: Chinese Language and Literature Skilled teacher with 8 years experience both in international school and Mandarin school
Degree: Bachelor Profession: Mandarin teacher
Languages: Chinese, English Certificates: Teacher Certificate
Experience: 8+ years Avg. Hourly Rate: 170rmb
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I am now working as a full-time foreign affairs specialist in an international school in Shanghai. My job includes recruitment of foreign teachers, visa application, management and coordination of their teaching and daily life. I have organized many multiform cultural exchange activities. I am also part of team for students recruitment. As a Mandarin teacher, I started teaching since 2011 from a Mandarin school in Shanghai and the international school, to both adults and young students. That said, I have gained valuable experience in teaching the language. I am able to customize the training solution based on individual needs.

2016-2019 ...International School (name omitted for privacy)
Mandarin teacher for international students in middle school

2019-present ...International School
Foreign Affairs Specialist, admission and management of foreign students, Visa application, Organized study tour of Chinese students, Team leader of American study tour

Part-time teacher in a famous Mandarin school in Shanghai, receiving high score from students feedback


You pay tuition based on how many hours you book (minimum 40 at a time) plus a fixed one-time service fee.

Students No. 1 student 2 students 3 students 4 students
40 Hour Tuition (approx.) 6800rmb +30% +60% +100%
+ Hours (approx.) 170rmb +30% +60% +100%
One-time Sevice Fee 400rmb 600rmb 800rmb 1000rmb

You don't pay anything unless you find a good fit!

1. The above rates are based on 2+ hours of teaching per time. If you study ﹤2 hours per time, expect a 25%-50% raise in rates or consider on-line tutoring.
2. Final prices might vary according to the tutor's popularity, commuting distance, time and frequency of lessons (within ± 20% range). Confirmation shall be given after booking.
3. If you prefer to study in a group instead of 1-1, you need to find other students and form the group on your own.
One-time Service Fee:
400rmb for 1-1 private tuition regardless of tutoring length. If you study in a group, there will be a 200rmb surcharge on service fee for each additional student studying in the group. Textbook, if used, is to be paid separately by the actual price of the book. What service do I get?
Min. Hours:
Minimum 40 tutoring hours are required for us to process any booking.

The tutor is available on above tentative schedule. Confirmation shall be given after booking.
Zhou Zhonglan (Lily Zhou)
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Code: 1700
Reviews on Zhou Zhonglan (Lily Zhou) | Code: 1700
David S-USA

A fantastic Mandarin teacher, I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is very thorough and has taught me to comprehend grammar to a level beyond my expectations. She teaches with clarity and precision that has allowed me to consolidate concepts within the language that had previously eluded me. She has an ability to pinpoint where your weaknesses lie and will create a strategy to help you overcome them. Most importantly of all She is warm and friendly.

Jane O-USA

My last Mandarin teacher was rather critical and discouraging. Lily can clear up a problem in a friendly way that's restored my enthusiasm for the subject.

Matthew L-USA

Lily is very caring towards all his students and genuinely wants us all to improve our Mandarin. She is the best Mandarin tutor I have met and I recommend anyone reading these testimonials that might be interested to give her a try!

Franco S-Mexico

Lily has a positive energy that made me calm and confident in speaking Chinese out loud. She revolved the whole lesson around what I needed. I will surely communicate much better with Chinese!

Rachel W-Scotland

My first meeting with Lily was very good. Talked for a while so she could get a feel for what I already knew of the language, why I wanted to learn it, etc. As an adult learner, I was concerned about finding the right sort of person to work with, but Lily was a real pleasure. Looking forward to future sessions.

Mark G-USA

Learning Mandarin with Lily is a treat. She focused on my specific needs- interaction with Chinese business partners- with a patient and ready smile. We established topics, moving along with each lesson and reviewing the previous one. Eventually they tied all together. I can now speak in complete sentences and converse in basic Mandarin.

Louis B-Brazil

Patient, active, encouraging. During one session, I was very tired and had trouble remembering my own name; nevertheless, I still profited from the lesson because of Lily's "scaffolding."

Theo L-UK

I can not say enough good things about Lily. She is my dream tutor. She encourages me by complimenting my strengths and is critical in a forgiving manner and good at getting to the root of the mistakes and can explain perfectly the rules and exceptions. Our two hour session feels like one hour she keeps me so thoroughly engrossed. She is great at motivating me and not only knows the material perfectly as a native speaker would she knows the normal pitfalls an English speaker makes. After two 2 hour sessions I am incredibly impressed and can not imagine a better tutor. She is worth the price she charges and I hope she doesn't raise them because I will have to pay it to get the very best which is what I need.