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Wu Xiaoyan (Cathy Wu)“Skilled and experienced instructor and interpreter" AAA | Code: 1302
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“Cathy has been an amazing help to Jordan over the past two years. He has progressed in leaps and bounds and has really enjoyed her teaching. Thank you for the service you have provided.”

  Erica C, USA 
Age: 26-35 Residence: Pudong, Shanghai Special Features:
Education: University Major: Economics Have broad experience in teaching international students of different levels in many different courses
Degree: Master Profession: School teacher
Languages: Chinese, English Certificates: Teacher Certificate
Experience: 5 years Hourly Rate: 140RMB
Teaching Preference







I have broad experience in teaching international students of different levels in many different courses. These experiences have given me the ability to meet different challenges in complicated situations. My most recent position is with a joint-venture school as a teacher. My responsibilities include teaching course management and overseeing both the foreign and Chinese teaching staff. Beside these day to day responsibilities, I also do occasional interpreting work. Furthermore, I’ve gotten much experience from several part-time positions that I’ve held since graduation. I have worked for several foreign companies, including SHELL. I am able to multi-task and can contribute my experience beyond your expectation.

...INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY (name omitted for privacy)
CIBT Instructor- teaching the course: MANAGEMENT
Overseeing 15+ foreign teachers
1. Assist with the interviewing of foreign applicants
2. Deal with official paper work pertaining to the foreign teachers
3. Create a teaching plan and schedule for the teachers
4. Communicate and help to solve the problems in the teaching process
5. Deal with emergencies in the foreign teachers lives
6. Solve conflicts which arise from language difficulties
Overseeing 20+ Chinese teachers
1. Interview the teacher candidates and contract with the right candidates
2. Create a teaching plan and tasks for all the Chinese teachers
3. Organize and analyze evaluations for the teachers regularly
4. Organize teachers meetings to solve any teaching problems regularly
Interpreting work includes:
1. Attending video meetings with foreigners
2. Interpreting for the vice president from Canada
3. Interpreting for an English-Spanish merchant in the heavy industry field using specialized vocabulary less than one hour’s preparation time
4. Interpreting dental and medical terminology after one evening’s preparation


Beijing Business Development Department


You pay tuition fee based on total booking hours plus a one-time service fee.

Group 1 student 2 students 3 students 4 students 5+ students
Standard Hourly Fee* 140RMB 140RMB+30% 140RMB+60% 140RMB+100% Negotiable

You don't pay anything unless you find a good fit!
1. *Above rates are based on 2+ hours teaching per time. If you study ﹤2 hours per time, expect 25%-50% raise in rates or consider on-line tutoring.
2. Final prices might vary according to tutor's popularity, commuting distance, time and frequency of lessons (within ± 20% range). Confirmation shall be given after booking.
3. If you prefer to study in a group instead of 1-1, you need to find other students and form the group on your own.
One-time Service Fee:
400rmb for 1-1 private tuition regardless of tutoring length. If you study in a group, there will be 200rmb surcharge on service fee for each additional student studying in the group. Textbook, if used, is to be paid separately by actual price of the book. What service do I get?
Min. Hours:
Minimum 40 tutoring hours are required to process any booking.

The tutor is available on above tentative schedule in 2019. Confirmation shall be given after booking.
Wu Xiaoyan (Cathy Wu)
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Code: 1302
Reviews on Wu Xiaoyan (Cathy Wu) | Code: 1302
Erica C-USA

Cathy has been an amazing help to Jordan over the past two years. He has progressed in leaps and bounds and has really enjoyed her teaching. Thank you for the service you have provided.

Martinez B-Spain

Cathy is very ponctual and diligent. Always very professional and enthusiatic. She understands well my learning needs. She is knowlegable and answers all the questions. She is fun to be with and has a very kind personnality.

Rosa M-UK

Cathy is patient and attentive. Just as importantly she understands how to structure a lesson to cover many facets of the language and adapt her teaching and materials to the needs of the student. Highly recommended.

Lynn P-UK

The tutor has helped me so much. I am very pleased with her tutoring. I doubt I could find anyone better!

Jesse V-USA

An excellent tutor. She organized the lessons very well..speaking, reading, cultural topics... Her teaching skills was outstanding and I enjoyed the lessons.

Martin D-Germany

Terrific start! We are really happy with the first session and looking forward to working together.

Bill D-UK

Cathy is a great teacher: professoinal, knowledgeable, funny. Her lessons was a good balance of practical communication and grammar. Highly recommended.

Susanna K-Singapore

Ms Wu xiaoyan has been a great Mandarin tutor for my 11-year-old son, Alvin. Alvin finds her lessons very interesting and interactive. In addition to effectively reinforcing the materials covered in Alvin’s school curriculum, Wu provides my son with many other fun and stimulating activities which tremendously enhances Alvin’s overall knowledge and interest in Mandarin.

Catherine G-Australia

I am really enjoying my lessons and don't even really view them as lessons! The tutor understands me very well and her reports are so very thorough.